[WIP] Special Effects prop pack

How DID you do those? Specifically the blood spurt. I’m going to play with blender’s fluid sim regardless, but it would be cool to know how you did yours.

The blood spurts I made using splatter effects from cgtextures.com (Amazing resource for any and all digital artists, by the way.) I took round shapes I placed on cone-shaped geometry and the longer splatters I put on flat planes. I combined them together in a sort of macabre flower shape. It’s a lot easier then I would have thought.

I’m using the exact same technique for the muzzeflashes, only with fire and firework images instead. Check it out:


I started working on something similar with weather last week. Created a quick rain texture and slapped it on a plane, turned out decent.


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I’m planning on doing snow and maybe some embers as well.

Oh my god, that is so cool. Great way of doing things. I can’t wait to try!

This is amazing!

Could you also create fake volumetric lights?

exhaust trails for things like rockets and colourable glowing energy shit would be a godsend

Looks awesome! Adding this to my watch-list for sure

You know what would be cool? A explosion model. Kind of like this:

Some beams of light would be nice. The stock HL2/CSS beams kinda show their age

Progress on the Muzzleflashes. I found some awesome textures to work with and went crazy all morning with them. I think the 1st two i did work well enough for shotguns, and the remaining other ones work well for rifles and pistols.


Alternatively, the 1st two muzzleflashes look like the Soul Arrow from Dark Souls, and could probably be used as those. I’ll think I’ll make some blueish looking ones as well to make them look the part.

Those use volumetrics, which makes it impractical for source engine use.

Let’s hope these skins translate well in SFM. Can’t wait to see this pack release.

ONE last piece of RPG inspiration before I call it quits:


(A circular abyss portal)

Alright, I think I just about drained myself of images. Hopefully these will be enough for you. :v:


Any plans for bullet impacts in different surfaces?

Fireballs, yum!


Also thanks for the continuing suggestions guys, it’s kind of overwhelming but I’ll see if I can do as many of them as possible! I can’t promise I can do every single one, but I’ll try.

EDIT: Here’s all 7 different skins for the Magic Circle.


Holy crap, this is a really neat idea

Do you have any other colors in mind for the fireballs? Or is it going to be something that will be colorable as well?

I’m starting to think I should actually separate all of this into separate packs, instead of including them all in one pack. Like one specifically for fire (Sparks, Muzzleflashes, explosions), one for weather (Rain, fog, lightning, volumetric lighting), Magic (fireballs, magic circles, beams), etc.

What do you guys think? Rate Agree for separate them, or Disagree for keep it together in one pack.

-i’m blind-

I’ll try to have different colored fireballs for all the basic colors. I don’t know how I would go about making it colorable, to be honest, given the way it currently is.

I do have some sparks already set up in my fire effects, just check out the 2nd picture in the OP.

EDIT: Fighting-game style Hitsparks! Could also potentially be used as magic effects! I made all of these myself in Photoshop.


Oops, guess I didn’t see that.