-WIP- Starcraft 2 Models that are not ported yet.


Ah, shhh… I hate this low-poligons model. This makes me sick.
Actually I tried to open hi-qual Hyperion but my computer couldn’t stand for it.
Still working on other un-ported models such as banshee, medivac etc)
I’ll try to headhack some models by using common things;
Horner’s body shape is completely same with the dominion officer.
Marine’s portrait head can be replaced with Tychus’.
Tosh’s body is same with(I guess) spec-portrait that maybe possible.
Have a nice dinner.

Will these be equal quality to JimesuEvils Starcraft 2 models?

I like what I see.


Is there anyway you can do Zeratul?

Tragically, I’m not sure whether I can do it. His job was too brilliant to compare with me.
After I release those, let’s just hope some of talented guys fix it into fancy look.

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Can port into source, but I cannot rig it. Maybe we have to find another one who can rig it.
It will be a tough work because protoss has one more joint.

They should come rigged if you do it the right way, at-least that is what I heard.

it’s fucking awesome !

If you can send me the model file for the high quality battlecruiser I could try to get it into max for you.

Yes, exactly. Thus, even the whole face muscles are exist, just lack of my tech.
We need someone who can take care of it immediately.
ANYWAY I have finished huge amount of models that maybe I can release little unstable model pack in days.
To everyone; I couldnt access facepunch with my computer for days and I dont know why.
But it’s still alive with tablet PC!!!

Anything soon? Cause I really need those battle cruisers for a vidoe project im working on.

By any chance, is there a NOVA/Ghost Kerrigan model floating around? Not that ugly Zerg Queen, the Terran version.

Well both Terra and Kerrigan use the same model with just different face and hair textures. I think there was also a blackhair in the gamefiles.

안녕하세요 나는 한쿡입니다 사람.
대화 당신과 원해요 함께.

I can open the High-Quality Hyperion Model, but really have no experience in porting stuff properly. If anyone wants, then I upload the high-poly Hyperion model.

if i ever get my freespace crap done, i’ll make some pics of a GTD Orion battling a battlecruiser

Sure, upload it to Gamefront or something though since I can’t really download from anywhere else.

o.o… I just jizzed … sorry couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue: To much awesome

Me Gusta. Can’t wait to see these released.

Holy Shit!!! very nice model!