[WIP] Starcraft Hydralisk

I’ve been working on a Starcraft hyrdralisk. Just started today actually. It’s coming along pretty well. Take a look at it.
Criticism is appreciated but please don’t respond with some sort of bullshit answer.

Here’s my reference picture:


And here’s the model itself so far.





No Wireframe


It turned out pretty well for about 3 hours of work. The only reason I decided to do this is because I saw a thread somewhere with a bunch of people asking for the hydralisk and obviously no one was willing to do it so I took on this project myself. Hopefully it’ll turn out pretty well. Have to learn how to ragdoll this beast once I’m done so I’m damn sure that I’m gonna learn a lot from this. So what do you guys think?

By the way, anyone have any idea as to what the polygon limit is? I fear I’m going to go overboard and fly over the polygon limit.

Oh I hope you do and finish this. I have no idea about the polygon limit, but I would love to see this in Garry’s Mod. :love: :love:

Alright, the teeth could be a pain in the ass, I’m considering just sort of skinning them on with a transparency to take the headache off positioning each singular tooth.
Not to mention it adds about 2000 polygons just for the bottom jaw…






Total polycount so far is: 6396


Well pretty much finished modeling part… All in one day too amazing record time for me. Check it out.





Total polycount: 18108

Might model fast but UV Mapping this thing will take a damn long time.
Plus I’m no good skinner.


Added the teeth set and eyes…

Working on textures at the moment.



Almost finished, got a couple of texture glitches though.





^^ UV Mapping problem. Gotta fix soon. Model is well on its way so hopefully I can get a release out by tommorow.


I’m pretty much finished but I need some help with ragdoll this guy.

It would be greatly… appreciated…


I’m trying to get this into Garrys Mod but I’m having a lot of trouble. Can’t get ragdoll work although I got it rigged. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Hello, I may hace just joined a few minutes ago, but I hope my opinion will mean something. The model is looking wonderful, all I think could be improved are the claws. The curviness of them seems a bit exaggerated. The need to have a little more depth, sharp like a knife though. What would be awesome would be add three blades to each hand, like in many pics.

Here are a few:


Or you can make it more like the one-bladed hydra as so:

Also, please notice in most, if not all of them, you can clearly see his rib cage shining through. Just something to think about. :slight_smile: Good luck, hope I helped.

For the love of Face Punch…
Please make the Marines.

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if this is ever finished it will be awesome

11 months says it won’t.

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