[WIP] Subversion Phonebook (SVNPB) - An offline index of major SVN links.

I, personally, get tired of having to fire up Chrome to go look up SVN links for everything everytime I reformat. So I’m going to make an offline “phonebook” of the major ones, and I’m going to let you guys have it. Here’s a screenshot of it’s (very) early stages in design:


(The cursor’s pointing at the tree view)

It is made with Python and Qt4. On an offtopic note, I finally has a Win7 :smiley:

Why didn’t you put this in the Lua forum?
Because it’s not Lua.

Python?! We have to download some fuckin’ runtime for this?
Interpreter. And no, I promise to run py2exe on this. You will need Visual C++ 2008 though - but I assume most people have this already

What are the two disabled text boxes on the right?
The top one is going to be the URL, and the bottom one will be (once it’s resized) additional notes (such as a note on the SB3 link saying it’s not the actual SVN URL - I’m not allowed to do that).

How does it work?
Right now, it doesn’t. I haven’t mapped any of the widgets to do anything yet. The way it WILL work is you will select a tree item at the left and the text boxes will automagically enable themselves and display relevant information.

What SVN URLs are going to be in there?
I already have every URL on Divran’s SVN tutorial on my hitlist. You are of course free to suggest more.

Why’d you pick Qt?
Because Qt Designer kicks ass. It also allows me to update the UI without running py2exe over again. I could have went with GTK+ (no, not GDI+), but that would require me to bundle a GTK+ runtime.



I uploaded the Alpha. Just updated the screenshot.