wip : the factory (first map ever) =o

hi guys, i just started mapping with hammer like a week ago and this is what i made, it is my very first map and so i’m wondering if u guys like it or not.
post what you think about it ,maybe some ideas or say what you dont like about it ^^ here are some screens



For a first map it actually looks really good. Your texture use is not great but you can learn that. You have lighting, props, decals lots of stuff most first timer’s would not use. I came to this thread thinking “oh no here we go again” but you suprised me good job.

thx (: i will work on the textures could you give me some tips or something? would be awesome

On this image: http://img197.imageshack.us/i/mymap10006.jpg/

The diagonal wall on the left looks silly with that one texture. You need to break it up as its very 2D, add some metal supports every now and then. My main gripe with your texturing is with that glass texture you used.

okay i c i’ll try to change that (:


if you use image shack PLEASEput them in tags otherwise loading every picture in another tab makes me cry


wow this map actually isn’t bad

thx and i changed it xd

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thx m8 didn’t know that

No problem. Also a word of advice seems as you are new here. Try not to use abreviations. So instead of “thx m8” put Thanks mate. A fair amount of people don’t take kindly to it. Just a heads up.

On a good note, this is probably the best first map I’ve ever seen.

But on the other hand, everyone is right about the texturing, it’s crucial to get it to look structured and realistic.

Take this one for example:

1.Look at the glass on the right… Glass does not bend.
2.At the top of the section that glass, the texture runs straight into a wall mid-pane.
3.You might have a few too many red/brown textures in the map which is uncomfortable to the eyes.
4.Glass should almost always be framed.

Good texturing fixes the first three and four small func_details fixes the fourth.

Don’t worry though, you seem to be doing very well.

Did you use any reference pictures?

thank you for the the tips ^^
it’s realy important for me what others think about it so i can learn from it it =D


nope i didn’t

Do you think you could upload the.vmf for me to look at? I understand if you don’t wanna.

hehe, i can give you the bsp if u wanna look at it?

if u have counter strike source

The .bsp is only the only map. He wants to look at the brushwork that you have in hammer. So he needs the .vmf If you want to give it to him and only him I would pm him rather post on here.

Cheers Firegod, thats what I meant. Thanks for the file dude, shall take a look.

Post look: Well dispite most the textures and some of the props missing it looks very good. Are you sure this is your first map? Some of the techniques being used are kinda advanced.

jup my first map, i just followed some tutorials to start and then i just began working on it, what advanced thecniques do you mean? caus i tought i was just doing basic stuff lol

Whos tutorials did you watch?

cant realy remember i just searched on google if i didnt know something and well i just found some tutorials i’ll search wich ones i used (: