[WIP] "The Higher Mind" - reskin inspired by picture i saw on internet.

Saw this not soo long ago, took slenderman model as base, did the suit and “helmet” but stuck in vmt magics. This is far from complete and i accept any advice or help. And i need help… HELP!


Here variations:
Without env_map but more of purple phong


with custom “space” refraction texture and blur. :V


Things to do:
add glowing parts to suit.
Do the “body” texture.

This looks amazing.

I saw this and thought of doing the exact same thing, but the project never got off the ground. Yours looks good so far though, so I don’t feel so bad about not doing it.

Have you thought of doing both envmaps and phong? It can be done.

	"$baseTexture" "**DIFFUSE**"

	"$normalmapalphaenvmapmask" 1
	"$envmap" "env_cubemap"
	"$envmaptint" "[.1 .1 .1]" 
	"$envmapsaturation" .1
	"$envmapcontrast" .1

	"$phong" "1"
	"$phongexponenttexture" "**GREYSCALE PHONG EXPONENT**"
	"$phongboost" "0.6"
	"$phongfresnelranges"	"[ .5 1.0 3]"
	"$halflambert" "1"
	"$phongalbedotint" "2"

	"$rimlight" "1"
	"$rimlightexponent" "300"	
	"$rimlightboost" "0.1"

	$detailscale 1               //DIRECT 1:1 SCALE WITH TEXTURE
	$detailblendfactor "3"    //THIS TRIPLES THE GLOW
	$detailblendmode 5       //THIS GLOWS


You could animate it, get a Rorschach style cloudiness going on (but not so pronounced) - depends what you’re going for. You could also have the nebula as an actual mesh inside, but my initial feeling is that would be very difficult to make it look better than the ones you have already, especially with the vmt commands you lose when you turn on translucency… just a couple of ideas though!

Edit: You can selfillum the shoulders and tie ob course, and use some gradients on the areas around them in the alpha channel to get that glow.

That looks pretty awesome so far.

Woah, really cool! When I saw the image, I was half-reminded of Daft Punk. :V

could someone post a material proxy for texture moving in random direction with adjsutable speed?

Is that the Kane & Lynch suit?

anyway, update, thanks to Omolong this now tru fuckig awesome.
double layer? glowing scrolling texture of space in head. all is left adding glowing parts on suit.

also? found out guy’s name is Hex by original author of picture…

Hex… a whole universe itself

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lol, done i think?

this is baller as fuck

Looks awesome, will download.

I think I good phongwarp might look pretty good on the head as well.

Could give you the right colour and highlight that you want.

wow that is cool!


alright, need lil help here to finish it, here is vmt lines for scrolling texture i copied from Slow’s rorscharch mask.

"var" 0
"var2" 137
"var3" 0

		"scale"		"1"
		"resultVar"	"=var"
		"srcVar1"	"var"
		"srcVar2"	"var2"
		"resultVar"	"var3"
		"textureScrollVar"	"$basetexturetransform"
		"textureScrollRate"	"0.03"
		"textureScrollAngle"	"var3"

How can i make it soo the direction of scroll is random? Right now it jsut from right to left.

Looks freaking amazing without the envmap. This is seriously unique, by the way.

whoa i remember seeing that picture on deviant Art quite some time ago, great reskin :smiley:

This isn’t a skin.

This is pure. Fucking. Art.


You have no idea how much I love you right now.