WIP TRON Light Cycle

Been working on this even before tron legacy came out.

Check out some screenshots.




From the picture it looks a little thin.

yea its not

Would like renders of the actual thing instead of screenshots of your desktop in bad angles or not of the object in question


Very weird light cycle , doesn’t seem like it fits any of the tron ‘eras’.
Change it so the front wheel is the larger one , as that was the case in the original and in Evolution.
The jetwall is also formed widway through the back wheel , not behind it.


should hopefully make it look a bit nicer.

Why dont you make the Tron legacy ones???
This one looks like the Armagetron Advanced model.

so I dont get it… is the model like a card bord cut out? you need a way better angle im not even sure what the second picture is

I can tell by the shading that the model isn’t as flat as the angle makes it out to be, and I like your interpretation of the design 9as someone said, it looks like the armagetron default models)… but all I can say is that the back is a little bland.

After the wheel the light emitter is just a line.

ill upload more screenshots when i get home from vacation