[WIP] TrSB Lobby Gamemode (RP)

[release]What is the Lobby?
The lobby is a massive, fun, central server for all of TrSB’s other servers. Before any of you think that it is a rip-off of Gmod Tower, It’s not. This lobby has many other uses its main one being that you can quickly get to any of our other servers.[/release]

[release]More info
The lobby is similar to RP. You live a normal life inside the lobby. The Lobby (Map) includes stuff like shops to buy items that are saved by the gamemode and we add stuff now and again. The map also has fun activities to do as well as just buying stuff. It includes a special area named Sky Dive where you are in a helicopter high in the air and jump out, but before you jump out you must have a Parachute which you buy from the shops. The Lobby system is being created by the admins at TrSB The Ready Salted Burgers, http://thereadysaltedburgers.net. There is also many more activities you can enjoy, as well as that we will update the lobby constantly.[/release]

[release]How do I make money?
You will make money by taking part in challenges that admins put on or you can get jobs.[/release]

[release]What is Cinema Link Up?
What ever you earn in our Cinema server will be transferred to the Lobby every 5 seconds so make sure it saves. You will also be able to buy items from the Cinema server. Some items will only be for the Cinema server but some you can use on both. Also you will be able to Stream movies from your own PC to other players through a vote. I may include the RP server in this link up as every Saturday we do Money hunt Saturday where we hid over $1,000,000,000 on the map and that could come in handy on the Lobby.

[release]Lobby Completion
The lobby is 10% Complete
The Shops : 30%
The Items : (Hats, Hardware, Parachutes…) 56%
Money System : Done :smiley:
Map : 12%
Cinema Link Up : 40%[/release]

That is all so far, I will add videos, pictures and more info once the first beta is released. This Gamemode will be exclusive for the TrSB Lobby, there will be a public version released, maybe.

Yeah hopefully this will catch on.

This is a rip-off of Gmod Tower

It isn’t. When we release it you will see why.
It’s just a fun place to hangout and easily join the other servers like the RP, Build, GMS…

If that is true then it will be shit

Lobbys existed before GMT.

Maybe you should also judge … Once you’ve seen/played it?

They didn’t exist before GMT. But they DID exist before GMT’s release.
But I agree, you can’t just judge it like that.


More info added :smiley:
Also new features Added.

Another one?

/sigh it seems these ‘lobby’ ideas are starting to get popular, I think they are boring.

Not really…

Don’t worry Ancient, we are in Facepunch, each time someone makes a gamemode someone says it’s a rip-off of another…
I actually want to see this done.