[WIP] TTT - Taux's VG MapPack

Heya guys, it’s been a while since I’ve hung around, so i figured i’d show you guys some of maps im working on for the map pack.
So far, I plan to release a total of 3 maps in this pack, nothing too special, but I tried to make each map interesting.

The first:

This map is build around once centeral area area which keeps the map feeling compact. Though dont let it’s simple apperance fool you, it has many interior passages and rooms, including a sewer, maintenance shafts and secrete passages. Not to mention chock full of very fun, but harmless little Easter eggs. :3

Larger: http://puu.sh/1Tj8y


The Second:

This stylized map plays with vertical space, weight puzzles and random events, allowing you to unlock new areas, or make a quick get away! But be carefull, if you enter the cetner area, It can be a great drop if pushed.

Larger: http://puu.sh/1Tj7j


The Third:

This map has been created with a snowy abandoned feel in mind, made to feel very atmospheric, with very low viability outside with only the man made paths lit up, it makes it ideal for Traitors to lurk in the shadows and pray on those who stray. The few buildings that remain on this Russian facility run on very fragile systems, if sabotaged, the power in complexes could go out temporally, overloading the plumbing may flood the maintenance tunnels, and destroying the furnace heater could stop the distribution of heat to the buildings in the facility.

Larger: http://puu.sh/1Tj81


They may not look the prettiest, but my main focus is to try and make them as fun/enjoyable to play!
I hope you guys like the look of them so far, I’ll release them once i finish the final map, TTT_Exile.
The other two so far, are complete!

On another note, Some of you, or even many of you may play TTT, so a question I would like to ask, is what is your favourite aspect of any TTT map? What creates the most enjoyable experience for you on specific maps?
I’m hoping to maybe incorporate feedback into these maps.

Any tips and constructive criticism appreciated!

Taux <3

Are you the same Taux that made dr_taux_sas for us?

Yus I am. :3

Ooh, cool, glad to see you’re still around.

Sass is coming out very soon, so you should make another sa_ map! :slight_smile:

how far away would you say the last map is to completion?

they look good btw

About 40-50%
The design of the map is complete, 2 buildings are complete and need to be fleshed out, i need to put in the special events, underground area and 1-2 more small buildings.

Hehe, also, cant wait for sass! xD

That first map, everything is like, one texture. It looks really weird. :v:

Supposed to look very concrete and made out of generic resources. As a trainings ground rather would.
Training courses tend to be made out of ply-wood planks, thing girders and concrete. Though the difference being this is a facility dedicated to that sort of conduct instead of a temporary set-up.

Though it does vary a lot more interiorly, especially in the passages.

I still think you could’ve used some better texture choices for the outside of the first one, even to get the effect you described.

I’m interested to see how the weight traps work.

Hey Taux, I don’t know if you remember me but I used to go on the Sass forums a lot. Nice maps, you’ve improved a ton!

Hey Taux, long time no see. Don’t know if you remember me either, but you might know ‘Ver’ from a few places. I think something that might help that first map is if you utilized a concrete texture that has levels to it. Here’s the concrete/concretewall11004 series, for example:

I tried that, but it took away from the whole clean/repetitive/re-used objects kind of look that i wanted.
But as mentioned before, that’s mainly just the external building architecture that has that. Hehe, but I appreciate the input. :3
Also TTT_TrainingGrounds was one of the earliest i developed for this pack, so probably has less detail in some areas, but looks like it will play pretty well.

Also, Hai eyefunk. xD
PS: I just tended to use more simple architecture in my maps when you knew me because i find models to be fiddly sometimes (I blame gmod and its shotty collisions sometimes) and becasue I like simple/stylized architecture more than overly complex. (Hence why DR_Taux was simple looking but intricate in functionality.)

Your maps look nice, but that image of exile has a decal saying “Southwest Disposal Inc.” which looks a bit out of place.

Still WIP, some textures are placeholders and stuff. xD

But thankyou! (and for reminding me about that texture! xD)

The style on the second map looks really awesome.

Thankyou! I tried to keep the style consistent, hopefully those who play on it will like it. xD