WIP - Underground Bunker (first map, kinda)

I decided I should probably stop shitting all over the WIP thread and make my own topic.

I decided to make this after seeing a considerable lack of decent bunkers, so i decided that my first actual serious mapping project should be making one that suits my tastes. It’s using BMS textures, not sure how cliche that is. The complex will have 5 layers, top being the entrance and hanger, second down being the cheapest rooms, third down being the middle class rooms, fourth down being the high class rooms and the fifth down being the kind of maintenance area. When it’s finished it will have an alarm system, a lockdown system and a good air vent system, and random events like temporary blackouts and air-strikes. I’m currently working on the third floor down.

Any tips are appreciated.

Pretty good for a first map. However if you want me to get technical i’ll list what needs to be worked on:

  1. It looks like you are working from a lot of squares, and every room appears to have a beveled ceiling look. It looks okay in pic 2, but the rest is eh. Try ceilings with a size variation, pipes going across, vents, diagonally slanted brushes, etc.

  2. I’m not really a fan of how you are using your textures. A lot of them seem to be bricks on ceilings and door trims that don’t really look appealing. (pic 1, 4 and 7)

  3. I like the idea of the last pic, but It looks kinda dark and I have to look very hard to see the detail.

Also, looks to me like you need a lot more decorative props on the walls and such. Black Mesa Source offers some awesome textures, just put everything together properly and you will have an awesome looking map. Based on the pictures, like i said before, it looks like all of the room are based on squares(it looks like anyway). It is a bad habbit to keep that development process. Mix it up a bit, by putting shapes together to make a room.

You could use this for inspiration: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1230217

The last picture with those huge antenna or whatever you call it, it could use some more wires. 6 spots to renew the wire and you only use one. It seems like a waste to ruin that detail.

Yeah add a few more wires to the power lines. Maybe a few dangling like they broke. It will add a sense of realism for the bunker since it will show that is aged but still powered.

Your flood lights need some light_spots and point_spotlights (for beam effect). Stop just using light entities everywhere, it looks bad.

Have you added spooky ambient sounds yet?