[WIP] VelrotAdmin

Hey People im currently working on a actually free Administration panel Wohooo,
the reason why im making a thread on facepunch is cause i want you guys opinion of what is needed for a admin panel?
what do you guys Want in a admin panel
please reply down below

Heres a Screenshot of The Dashboard

Yes, I Know im using adminLTE And theres a good reason for that,

Thanks for reading guys and reply bellow what you want in a admin panel vvv

PS. If i posted this in wrong section please tell me before banning me i just think this is fitting in this section due to this being around gmod

PSS. What would be youre guys recommendation for connecting to the server? Using rcon, Sockets, Whatever

Edit: Updated Image

Update: Working on Admin Report Notifications

I would recommend using sockets for things like these

I’m Gonna look into that thanks for the reply

Edit, Have no idea how to use sockets so that might take a while :smiley:

its dashboard not dashbord

Aaaand we dont need useless stuff like that here, he asked for opinions on the panel itself, and what ideas you had.

I personally, would make it able to add servers, and give that features too, like editing, file management, maybe even RCON access(HTTPS required, no password saving from RCON etc), user control/subuser, with editable permissions and such, theres much to do, you can look at features from TCAdmin.

Yes youre right nice job Criticizing a Person which obviously isent english and yes this is a development thread meant to ask you guys what would be nice in a Web Administration thing, we dont Need that kind of stuff here if you want to say negative stuff about me then pm me there i will happily take it, but please dont do it in this thread

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Yes i actually thought about this once but i ran into so many problems (FTP File management(Incase webserver is another server then game server) RCON, User Permission system is the only thing ive ever got working in that idea)

Also, use sockets, they are fairly easy gmod side(but I myself didnt get my ass moving to see how it works using javascript, would love a simple tutorial myself).

I Will im trying to find something about it right now


Wut? that comes with AdminLTE And all i have to do is release it is provide the probber credits but as im not releasing it yet theres no need yet

That was my initial thought but you have PM’s disabled.

have it on now dident realise it was off lel

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Guys, if you have any tutorials on how to use php to gmod lua sockets Please share :slight_smile:

Google it or add me on steam if you are lazy

So someone opens the thread with the best intentions, sees an important word misspelled, takes the effort to actually post the correction. This is done without any judgement, since the post merely says “it’s X instead of Y”. The poster is then attacked by two people for “Criticizing a Person which obviously isent english”.

Before anything, “person” is not to be capitalised, it’s “isn’t”, not “isent”, “who” instead of “which” and “English” is to be capitalised. Again, I’m saying that without judging you as a person. That is something I do mostly silently.

People correcting your spelling and grammar do it mostly to help you. Interacting with people in English and getting feedback on your mistakes is one of the best fucking ways to learn the language. Listening to and learning from feedback will allow you to write better posts on Facepunch and create addons with fewer mistakes. This makes you more respected and your addons more likely to get popular.

Next time, rate heart, informative, say “thanks” or just silently accept it instead of attacking the people who are trying to help you. I know I would be less likely to use any addons by someone this hostile. Imagine wanting to report a genuine bug, only to be met with such arbitrary and unjustified hostility.

You could try using:
gm_bromsock(UDP) - https://github.com/Bromvlieg/gm_bromsock/blob/master/Lua_examples/udp.lua
fsockopen - http://php.net/manual/en/function.fsockopen.php (to open the socket connection)
fwrite - http://php.net/manual/en/function.fwrite.php (to send the socket string)

and see if it works? Just make sure you listen 24/7, not per con-command, and dont close the listener? I dont know if its ok to use ‘just’ UDP, or if you’ve to use something else. But for the start, it should work.

It’s “That’s Something I usually do silently” not “That is something I do mostly silently…”.


Thanks, though I subtly meant that I was actually judging him. Silently so except for that one mention of it. In that sense it’s mostly, but not entirely silently.

It was meant to be a bit of a joke.

People who install this later on are gonna have a bunch of problems due to various PHP installation’s socket configurations, it’s actually ridiculous. It really is hit and miss. (That is if this theoretically ever gets anywhere).

Sorry i must have understood his message wrongly then

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Yea… That was a problem i was thinking about

If you are going to take this project seriously then it has some good potential don’t get me wrong. But is there anything else you have to show? What features does it currently have? What can it currently do? Is it compatible with specific administration plugins?