[WIP] Windwaker Rips

So I got bored earlier and decided to start ripping some WindWaker models.

Currently Ganon is the only model I’ve brought into Source (still WIP).
I plan on doing a bunch more models and maybe some of the maps for use in SFM (as they’d be giant models).

Current screenshots:


I’ll post some more pics once I have them. Leave any windwaker rip requests here.
Releases coming soon.

super cool! i used to love ripping stuff from wind waker. if i sent you the smds for hyrule field would you turn it into a map for me? or at the very least, compile them for me?

Can you rip the textures? Especially the environments (cloud, waves, water) and effects (water splash, water ripple when link swims, wind)

And the islands models

.smd or even .obj is fine