WIP world of warcraft goldshire inn


This version of the map doesn’t have the npc’s, but it does have basic collision, (this maps sole purpose really is for posing, the collision is terrible).

Download http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=133294
if you plan on making a video with this send me a private message on youtube i would surely like to see it

What i would like from someone if possible are all of the ambient noises that are from the inns, i would get the sounds myself but i can’t for the life of me figure out how mpq editor works (its a program that takes world of warcraft content) unfortunately if you can fetch this stuff for me i won’t be able to give you credit, i can’t even give myself credit because everything here is stolen and the last thing i would want is these guys from blizzard suing your ass

The Downs
The collision of the map is made up of clip brushes because the models have no collision so its not going to be perfect, i’ll make it so only the walls and floors have collision on the props that you spawn, that way you’ll be able to pose with stuff like the rails, desks and all the other models.


All of the models have been added now.
Next i'm going to work on getting the npc's in the map, they will occasionally laugh.  i may also release a version of the map without the npc's or the props so you can place your own stuff in there


The music wasn't just for the video, the map has 14 different inn tracks which randomly play

Its not going to take very long to finish it, so far i still haven't finished adding all the props.

it would be better to extract the textures and make the walls+floor as brushes and turn the small shit into prop models. There’s no complicated structure geometry so it wouldn’t be too hard.

Will this be out for GMOD? Or HL2 only?

Any source map (excluding those on the newer versions of the engine) can be played in Gmod I believe.

it will be, its going to be a map for prop posing as soon as i can find a good surface prop to surround the map with thats inbisible and that also has collision for spawning stuff

wow textures with blends, wow trees & bushes and make displacements

Replace the player clip with standard clip?

i’ve never used that one before, i didn’t think there was a clip that collides with everything anyway thanks i’ll use that one

Right in the nostalgia. This looks awesome, props to you.

here’s some posing cus why the hell not, you’ll have to forgive the crudities i haven’t actually properly done prop posing since gmod 8


some guy enjoying some stormwind brew chilling


now he is pissed off at his twin brother for giving him old dirty cans of shit or something


and finally getting pissed off took its toll so he went to sleep

the end

Oh my this is great indeed , im working on a gmod that could use a INN like this :smiley:

Structurally, great replica. There is quite a few things wrong with it, though: the world isn’t to scale (it’s too big), the textures are blurry compared to the real thing, and the lighting is completely off and doesn’t convey the feel and atmosphere of a WoW inn.

You’re not taking into consideration the size of the characters, i logged into the actual game and scaled it to the height of a female human perfectly. the majority of the smaller props are ways off though

Nice work!

i’m confused, i edited the first post because i’ve released a version of it but the title of the thread still has WIP and the thumbnail still has the WIP picture

Wouldn’t mind seeing this for TTT

Half life 2 deathmatch maps work with garrysmod fine.