[WIP] World War 2 Warships


Before anyone asks: Yes, i am aware that some of these ships are pre-WW2, but i went with this title because the other 90% of the ships did see action in WW2.

I thought Gmod needed some big armored beasts with lots of guns in its workshop, and since no one was working on such a thing i decided to take up the task.

These are rigged models so it’s possible to rotate their turrets, and also the barrels on some of them.

The models come in 2 different f̶l̶a̶v̶o̶u̶r̶s̶ sizes: 1:1 scale for compatibility with other props and ragdolls, and 1:4 scale so a single ship doesn’t take up half of the map.

Due to the size and complexity of these ships, their collision model is only the lower half of the hull + any moving part, so i’m afraid you won’t be able to walk on them untill i find a better way of handling the collision model without Gmod having a stroke.


This is a “short” breakdown of all the models i will port in the future:




And aircraft carriers

Check out my Trello board for more info.

List of collections:

-USN Cruisers: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=443742988

-IJN Cruisers:

-USN Battleships:

-IJN Battleships:

-USN Destroyers:

-IJN Destroyers:

-USN Carriers:

-IJN Carriers:

But wait, there is more! These are ragdolls, but you can also have the sailable version of each ship! The only thing you need to do is get 2 modules of Neurotec: Neurobase and Neuromicro. Follow this guide to install them.

After that, you will be able to fly 1/8 scale warplanes and 1/16 scale warships, complete with machine guns, cannons, torpedos, AA guns and more!

Aaaand i guess that’s it. I will update this thread regularly with new screenshots and links to other collections as soon as i finish them. I will also upload each collection to a separate hosting service if you prefer that over the workshop.

Please let me know what you think and feel free to provide feedback and/or criticism ^^

Are the planes from WoWS any decent quality?

No plans for Warspite?

Great work on what you’ve done so far!

Not really, the models are single meshes with no control surfaces and they are somewhat low-poly. The ones from WoWP are much better.

Yeah, I will port the Warspite aswell, i just didn’t want to add one more image just for one ship :stuck_out_tongue:

I will add a link to my trello board so you can see all the ships i will port as well as the status on the upcoming ones.

Here’s a clip from the drivable versions:

So these are from WoWP? Have you taken a look at the War Thunder models yet too? I feel like they would be pretty detailed, knowing Gaijin.

Bit of an old bump here, but do you think it might be a possibility to rip models from war thunder?

It’s not, if we could rip from War Thunder we’d be done with all their models by now :v:

Not necessarily; people have repeatedly said how easy it would be to rip models from xcom and I’ve yet to see any. Maybe someone made them but the usual rule is “if there’s a will, there’s a way”…

Still, why exactly is it that you can’t easily rip from war thunder? It must be pretty stubbornly difficult to resist the modder’s hands

Just fyi it’s 100% possible, just run Aces.exe with NinjaRipper (Intruder). Boom, done.

This is good information, and i’ll try to make use of it.

But if you do it for me I’ll suck your dick

i’m chromastone10 and I return.

Nice, was ages since we started talking about it and at that time there was no way. Welp I guess my todo list wrote itself into a good portion of 2016.


The War Thunder cockpits will be lovely with my 3d2d flight instruments