Hi, just wanted to show you my new map for the popular mod Zombie Master. It can be used in Garry’s mod too for comics and posing.

Some early beta Screenshots:

Yes, i will change that horrible sky-box, i just rushed it in for the screen shots. The map is nowhere near being completed. It wont be available for download either for about 2 weeks after release, because i am doing it for a friend, he gets it for his server only for 2 weeks. Then i publicly release it

Constructive criticism is welcome :D.

EDIT: I was thinking of a plot, and i got one. You and your friends are drunk, you accidently drive offroad and crash into the gate of someones house. You knock on the door… No answer, you run around the back. You knock on the door, suddenly. The floor caves in and you fall down a large drop to a strange land, you all panic and swim up to an island. There is a house… It appears to be empty, but you can’t be too sure. It’s locked… But wait, theres a man looking at you in the window. Who is he? Is this his house? You carry on across a strange bridge. Zombie master trap: Snap the bridge in 2, leaving survivors to do a jump and knocking off any survivors who are on that part at the moment. Thats all i got for the moment

What’s to say. The map looks boring, and incomplete. The lighting is substandard, and the whole this lacks atmosphere. Not to mention that the door is disproportionate, and the map appears to be floating in mid air.

Basically, you released screenshots way too early.

A bit blocky, But good job on knowing how to use the spotlight.

heh. I know, but my friend was bugging me too :/. And the map is floating in the air, because of it having a giant drop to the Underworld. Which is incomplete, but i will release some better screenshots soon.


Thanks, this is one of my first maps. But i have learned alot since my first one, which was just a blocky room with some props and a light.

The door looks strangely large?

It is.

As for the map, I think it needs a lot of improvement, even if you said it wont be released any time soon.

Yeah :P. I wasn’t looking very well when i made it, 117 units tall O_O. I’m lowering it right now.

It is now 90 units tall and 49 units wide. It looks pretty good in hammer. But it might be different ingame.

Use 56x112 or 48x108

Ok, thanks.

I wish :frowning:

It’s more popular than you think. I’ve seen servers with atleast 30 players in, and the server which is getting this is quite popular. You can join the group if you want at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Mosttriumphantserver Though the group is a small group, the server is quite popular.

30 people on a server doesn’t mean it’s popular.

There’s only like 15 servers anyway.

I think it’s better when a mod like Zombie Master doesn’t have many people, because you find yourself often playing with the same people, and you make zombie powning buddies.

Think you might wanna refresh the server list! :P. When i last checked today. There was a lot of servers, but half of them aren’t 24/7 unfortunately.


Ok. Topside is now done, not completely but its good for now. I’m now doing the underworld, but these displacements are doing my head in. They are always either too jagged or too lumpy. Any advice?

I was that friend. :fuckyou:

Anyway, I suggest you add some more detail to the building. Some ledge or something on the roof, or windowsills will help blur the square silhouette of the building. As for the car, the use of light_spots and point_spotlights here is pretty good, but there doesn’t seem to be any obvious light source for the red lights at the back. I think there’s an entity that works similar to point_spotlight but it only creates the glow, not the beam. Hell, it might even /be/ point_spotlight, I dunno.

So yeah, you’ve definitely got a good knowledge of entities and their useful applications within maps, now you just gotta work on your brushwork.

Yes, yes you where. :v: Thanks for the good criticism!

its pretty empty fill it with props and graves and stuff

Well to be honest, the topside will just have nothing much, and alot more added detail soon such as minor displacements. And it’s supposed to look pretty empty, it gives the player a strange feeling of “This isn’t right”

Looks pretty dull and stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

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