[WIP] Zombie Fortress (looking for a new name)



Don’t expect a full game. The NPCs are disabled due to it not working.[/release]

I really need someone to do some NPC coding. Just make a zombie NPC that won't target anyone on team id 2. I will give credit (I'm really bad at making NPCs...)


ZOMBIE FORTRESS (please help me think of a new name!)

Zombie Fortress (or ZF for short) has the same basic idea as other Zombie-Type mods out there (namely ZombieMod for CS:S). The difference is that in ZF you first build a fort to stop the onslaught of zombies.

In ZF, you have two phases: Build and Zombie. In the build phase you build (duh), and in the Zombie pahse you fight Zombies! At the end of the Build phase, all props become unfrozen while one player is chosen to be the first zombie. He can start to attack everyone else, and some NPC zombies will spawn (custom made ones, not the default). At the end of the Zombie phase all zombies are killed and everyone is returned to human.

In ZF, props can be destroyed by anything after taking enough damage (things that can damage props include guns, zombies, fall damage, collision damage…).[/release]

[release]Some Extra Info
This game mode is based of sandbox, but all actions (including anything using the toolgun) except spawning props are disabled.[/release][/release]
[release]Mapping Info
The only extra info is that you use info_player_combine for human spawns and info_player_rebel for zombie spawns.[/release]
[release]Lua Dev Info
There is a very small framework in place to allow easy addition of NPCs to the game mode. Here are the specifics:

I encourage anyone to make NPCs. PM me with the NPC and I might even add it as an NPC that comes with ZF (credit will be given).[/release]


I need you to help make ZF! I need mappers, Zombie NPC programmers, general Lua programmers…

-Me (redx475) - Lead coder[/release]

-Me (redx475)
-Ltp0wer - Simple Prop Damage script
[release]The release date is yet to be announced, but most of ZF is done. It should be out soon![/release][/release][/release]
[li]Base Gamemode - Done (with bugs) (untested)
[/li][li]–Sandbox restrictions - Done
[/li][li]–Phases - Done
[/li][li]–HUD - Done (doesn’t look great… anyone want to help out?)
[/li][li]NPC Framework (ZFNPC) - Done (untested)
[/li][li]–Base Framework - Done
[/li][li]–Base NPCs - Done (may need revising) (New additions welcome!)

Errors to be fixed:
[li]ZF Gamemode
[/li][li]–Crashing on player join - Fixed!
[/li][li]–Extremely long load time for the gamemode - Fixed!
[/li][li]–Infinite loop while looking for a spawn - Fixed!
[/li][li]–No spawn found - Fixed!
[/li][li]–Zombie Phase never starting, timer going into negatives - Fixed
[/li][li]NPC Framework (ZFNPC)
[/li][li]–NPCs will spawn, but not appear (found out by running a few lua commands. All the NPC entities are in the correct places, but none of them move or even appear.) - Fixed
[/li][li]Base NPCs
[/li][li]–They just don’t move or attack - Unresolved (I think I need to get someone else to do NPCs)

Q and A

[release]When will this be released?
Probably today or tomorrow.[/release]
[release]I have a better name!
Post it here, or PM me.[/release]
It will be released soon, don’t worry. I will be having an open beta test before the release, so you can try it then.[/release]
[release]I have another question. It is…
Post it here, or PM me.[/release][/release]

WE NEED MAPPERS!!! Post here or PM me to apply! I will post a sample (simple) map soon.


WE NEED SOMEONE TO CODE A BETTER HUD! The one right now kind of looks horrible...


I need someone to code a SWEP weapon for the zombies. Right now they just get crowbars (zombies and crowbars... hmm...)

I know this isn’t much, but I was playing around with some NPCs that didn’t work…
So here is my chair fort!

I know it has a prop other than a chair…
I’ll add more screenshots later.[/release]

Its in TF2 Already :slight_smile:

You mean the name?
As I said, I need a new name anyway (it doesn’t flow…)

Also, I have gotten permission from Ltp0wer to use his Simple Prop Damage script.

Fortify Zombify Killify

(last word is a made up word, meant for comedic effect)

It’s onslaught with zombies only.

Although, if you’re going through with this, try adding in some aesthetic features just to make the gamemode look nice. Play around with lighting, post processing, etc.

Perhaps DSP effects too. I’d love to see a gamemode that made use of more aesthetic things, just to make the gameplay a tad more entertaining.

Day/night and weather could be nice too. Dark, rainy night with lightning that strikes zombies/you at random times? Frustrating, but cool.

@Simski: I’ll think about it, but I’m looking for something that is a little shorter and flows better
@GreyIOutcast: I’ll add some nice effects when I fix all of the bugs.

Note to everyone: I have almost fixed everything. I should release this today or tommorrow!

Another Note: I haven’t tried working on day/night and other things like that. If anyone wants to help out with that, PM me or post here!


Removed the use of info_zf_zombie/info_zf_human and replaced them with info_player_combine/info_player_rebel

@GreyIOutcast: I know there are mods like this, but I hope for this to be different. Also, I haven’t seen any mods that allow you on the NPC team.

Removed the use of info_player_combine/rebel and replaced with info_player_start due to problems in the code.

Yes, I know removing those entities from use was dumb (as the rating says…), but I am having a few problems with the spawns. I will change it back after I get it to work with info_player_start.


Sorry for the double post :frowning:

Reverted back to info_player_combine/rebel

EDIT 3 :
Rated myself dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed the spawning problem. Now the zombie phase won’t start…

Rated myself dumb again… (because this is so stupid)

Rename it to Christianity Church… Oh wait thats flamming… Um rename it something clevar which does not include words like dead,infected,zombie, or any of that shit.

Yeah, I would, if I could think of a good name. I’m not too creative when it comes to things like that :frowning:


I’m saying Yeah to the rename part. Not the Church part. (where the hell did you get that from anyway?)

I have finished ZF! The only problem: NPC zombies won’t appear, though after some lua checks, the entities are actually in the right place, though the models don’t show and they don’t attack. I will still be running an open beta though.

Screens? and IP?

sorry, im working on getting the server up


As I said, there won’t be much without NPCs, which might or might not work at the moment.


Okay, the server should be up. IP:

Another edit:

Nevermind. It isn’t loading properly on the server.


I really need someone to program some zombie NPCs that won’t target anyone on team id 2. I’m not too good with AI.

Now running a public beta.


Nevermind. Need to fix a problem.