[WIP] Zombie Wasteland [WIP]

Okey here goes!
Ive been sketching up for a gamemode me and my friends been talking about, that would be kewl of doom.

So i started coding a bit ( havent come far with my lack of knowledge ) and gotten help from coders.

To buy guns, u will need to required Shooting skill, even if u have enough money for it.
You get around 0 - 12 $ per npc you’ve killed and 1 shooting skill. So it will req alot of skill to purchase a rifle.

Costum spawns and respawn times for regular HL2 zombies.


The Nub Gun ( Bugged IMG. Will fix … srry )


Moneysystem [ Done ]
HUD [ Under Progress ]
Zombiespawns [ Not started yet ]
Website [ Not started ]
Random junk spawn [ Not started ]
Perks [ Under progress ]
Skills [ Under progress ]

I didnt really want to make a WIP thread this early since people might flame me, but tbh… I dont care.

More info to come…

There needs to be more to it, such as an skill system.

Skills, Perks, Upgradeable weapons.

Honestly, before you post this do a little more work on it. A low-quality image of a far from complete HUD on gm_construct is not gonna cut it for a thread.

Or just explain it with more detail.

Oh yea. Forgot…

Skills has been added. Atleast the shooting skill, updating HUD atm… Might fix a story behind it all… Give me some ideas.

you said doom, as in Doom 3? if so, i would want hellknights those things that have babys heads and a wasps body. pinky demon, and all the other crap form Doom 3, including that mega epic boss and the rubicks cube

Omg lol no, its just my way of speech to say something of DOOM!!

– Coding Level and Perks –

Add me on Steam if you need any help with ideas.

Perhaps u shud speak proper English before posting

You haven’t explained what this is. The most you said is that it’s kewl of doom.

What about you just stop posting at all?

I agree, can you at least explain what on earth this is meant to be? Nothing in the OP really gave me any clue but so far it seems generic.

Nerdeboy no one cares about proper English FORUMS ARE INTERNET BASED NO SPELLING MAY BE COMMENTED ON!

Yeah WTF is this? I hate people that can come up with good, deceiving gamemode names but have nothing to show for it.

You just defined Call of duty 4/mw2

Nvm this WIP thread. Since ppl cant give ideas… I will continue in secret.


Closed for now… Still wip though

WHAT IS IT? Seriously

a zombie rpg gamemode.

I doubt this will go far if you can’t even say what the game is in the OP.