Wipe 1/17![US East] *Rusty Spoons* Oxide/Door Share/Active Admins/ Economy/Quests/InstaCraft/Starter Kits

My Server provider has finally added Oxide support so I have decided to wipe and run a whole new enhanced Rust world.

There are quests to complete, money to earn, zombies to kill, and players to raid.

You will receive a starter kit to get you going. Not much but enough to give you a foot through the door.

Everyone seems to be enjoying all the new features the mods bring to us players.

Full PVP


  • Lag free
  • No Admin Abuse
  • Player Unstuck
  • Hackers and Exploiters will be banned immediately
  • InstaCraft
  • Sleepers enabled
  • Economy - Earn in-game money through quests and zombie killing to spend in the In-Game store.
  • Private messaging
  • Grouping
  • Admin Ticketing System
  • Starter Kits /kit
  • /tpa - Request a teleport to a player
  • /Bounty to add bounties to peoples heads. =D

Hope to see you In-Game =D

Server IP:
Mumble IP:



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Hello. i was wondering if you guys need any admins? my name is willson. but everyone calls me will. im 18. and i an handle most situations with logical calm answers. so if you could. contact me on steam at Willson150. id love to hear from you guys

The new server mods are much better. The server is a lot more fun now and more people are on!

Been on this server since basically day one. Great admins and an awesome community. Really enjoying the mods so far


I love this server because the people on here are great!

Added /Bounty

Type /bounty playername price to add a bounty

Lots more people on the server. Come check out all the new features. The game is so much more fun with these enhancements.


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I think I finally found it :smiley: (best server in Rust)

Great server! New bounty features, economy. Increased player count all the time! By far best server!

Found it. This server is beast. Admins are beast. Come Join us!

Tons of people on today. Come by and check out all the goings on =P

Been playing since yesterday. Lots of people online and admins are great!

Love the server!

Server is getting really populated =DDD

peaked at about 50 today, servers growing!


great mods on the server!

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Come check it out lots of people on.

Good morning rustyspooners