Wipe(1/28/14) Rust++/Drop Party/Custom Loot Table See inside for details

Server News - Server Online

Server Mod - Rust++

Server Name - Wipe(1/28/14)|PvP|Rust++|Rare Military loot|Hospitallers

Connect to Server Method - Hit F1 then type, net.connect

Server Mod - Rust++

Server loot balance - Server is balanced for those that enjoy the journey more then the destination, balance of items are dictated by a desire to encourage pvp on air drops, group effort on raids and without discouraging or alienating our solo community. By creating a balanced loot table (Rare Military grade, Uncommon Midgrade, and common beginner items) we allow our community to enjoy the mid grade items more thoroughly, encourage trade and joint ventures.

Server Features -


addfriend=true // use to create a friends list that will show you who among your friends is online including a private ch for just friends to read.
help=true // /help will get you basic commands to use in the server
history=true // get chat history of the previous 20 lines
location=true //use /location to find the coordinate for yourself
players=true // see who’s online
r=true // use /r to replay to pm
starter=false // no starter kit available in server


freeze_time=false // ability to freeze the time, useful if you want a permanent day/night server
voice_proximity=false // if false, when you see another person you’ll be able to hear them clearly no matter how far away they are, volume does not lower
decay=true // experimental! setting to false should stop decaying. careful with this, as too many structures can cause a laggy server, or worse
chat_history_amount=20 // the amount of messages the history shows
keepitems=false // if true, the players will not drop their items upon death
friendly_fire=true // if false, players can add other players to their friends list, and won’t do damage to them
pvp_death_broadcast=true // should players on the server see who killed each other?
join_notice=true // should players see notices on who logs in
leave_notice=false // should players see notices on who logs out
voice_notifications=true // should you get a notification message upon voice chat (bottom right corner)
pvp=true // player vs player or not?
instant_craft=false // no cooldown on the crafting timer
enforce_truth=true // usually keep this set to true, kicks players doing weird things apparently!
sleepers=true // setting this to false will allow users to logout without being killed during sleep (lying on the floor)

PS: With the help of Rust++ stand alone pack we hope to keep our server online as much as humanly possible with as few wipes.

PSS: Loot balance is subject to change and we encourage feedback and constructive criticism, I encourage you to speak on here, ts or even add me on steam if you wish to discuss.