WIPE 28.03|~EU East~|Kit-P250,Supply Signal|PVP|Uncraftable C4|

Server Name: WIPE 29.03|~EU East~|Kit-P250,Supply Signal|PVP|Uncraftable C4|

Wiped on: 29 Match 2014r.

Stetings (Essentialas mod):

  • Uncraftable C4
  • No Durability
  • No Fall dmg
  • Doorshare
  • Supply Signal will be more frequent
  • Sleepers
  • Instant crafting
  • drops modified
  • More and MORE PVP
  • kits
  • rare c4

/Kit Starter :

  • P250
  • 30x 9mm Pistol
  • hatchet
  • 5x Cooked Chicken Breast

/Kit Supply :

  • Supply Signal(You must to wait 24h , before using the kit)


  • No whining or spamming,
  • No cheats, hacks, or exploits of any kind,
  • You can’t take over homes (houses) after the ride by placing your metal door in,
  • It’s not allowed to build your house around a loot spawn.

-Remover (You can remove wrong things example Wood: Pillar, Foundation, Wall etc.)
-100 slots

**Bonus: **

  • Our players can join free to ts3 server and get channel

How to join ?

Press " F1 " Type net.connect