wipe again?

hello, i have my own server and after an update it got wiped… all my buildins are lost and the whole map is empty.

so i build somtn new… and yesterday it got wiped again -.-

why does this happen again???

greeetz xezor

The game is still in early development which means a lot of things are still changing. Once a month they update the procedural map generator, which changes the maps. and loading an old save to the new generator would cause all sorts of bugs and problems so they force a server wipe with these changes.

It’s always the first Thursday of the month with the update. (Very early Friday morning here in Aus).

Based on what you wrote, I’m going to venture a guess that you may have something configured wrong so that each time the server restarts it wipes.

I don’t have a solution or know shit about setting up or running a server, but a guy I know had this exact problem a while back when trying to set up his private server. Every time he restarted, be it from an update or just a manual restart, it would wipe. And from what you described, it sounds like this MAY be what’s wrong.

You can easily confirm this is the problem. Get on the map and spawn yourself some stuff. Then disconnect and restart the server. If you start off naked and with nothing again, you know you have this problem.

If you can determine the exact nature of your problem, then you’ll likely have many people here that will be able to help you out.

its not my config its rust itself and their updates.
my server restarts and SAVES every day at 3pm and i loose nothing.
pls read the devnotes and see what u can read there :wink:

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Your might no be saving, build something and type in console server.save then restart your server and see if it saves. Is the running of your PC or by a hosting provider?

i did it yesterday 3 times and it saves everything.

My server does not wipe every restart. Just out of curiosity can I see your command line ?

my server didnt got wiped… only after the 2 updates which i mean in my post