Wipe all my Large Wood Storage Box

I come this way to talk about my dissatisfaction of this game, although I like a lot of playing it I am forced to stop playing, is the second time I’ve stolen the first time robbed me only the best items, this last time stole me everything, cleanup, this in a time of 5 minutes, I have two foundations with metal doors, everything intact, with the door closed when I come back home everything was gone, I stopped playing dayz because of cheaters, when I started playing the game and saw that he was protected by vac if I thought like counter strike 1.6 lololol mainly because well money to waste because it does not return to play is annoying when we have proven difficult to get good items and a time for another losing everything, all the time lost for what?

the servers will be updated with a big patch and reset so you will loose all your stuff over time anyways, this is an alpha things are going to be changing as it goes along, build a better house one with many floors and put all your goodies at the top, this is your best bet but dont get annoyed when all your stuff goes missing, if you only have a house with a single story 2 x 2 or whatever then you havent been playing it for long so stop bitching over something so little, this is a survival treat it like u got robbed and move forward to prevent it a different way.

ow and dont use windows people can climb in them

dude it’s haxx bro. they can grab your loot from the outside, through your walls.

just an FYI, I’ve raided buildings by blowing out a wall and replacing it. Usually it’s cheaper than blowing a door. So it’s not necessarily hacking or cheaters. just creative ways to raid.

Same. Heck check for some sleeping bags in there too, I like to hide sleeping bags into places I raided and because your stuff Is gone from you and you got no clue does not mean hacker got it. Never jump to conclusions unless you have seen it. Common sense.

Please give me one logical reason to replace a wall you have just blown up

So that someone doesn’t know what happened. I believe that’s what he said:

my thoughts exactly… lol.

It is a wall hack. they can loot crates that are close to walls so my suggestion is build a house AT LEAST 2x2 and build crates in the middle. if you can stand outside and see the little white “use” circle, its too close. Also, i dont think the hack works with the small sack storage things… so if you are gonna store stuff close to a wall, put it in those bags.

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… all of their shit is gone! of course they know something happened.

You just took all of their stuff, why would you spend YOUR resources on rebuilding their house? Sounds like something America would do.

They know that all their shit is gone. They dont know whether there’s a flaw in their base design, allowing people to get in somewhere, or if the items in their crates got deleted due to a bug, or if a hacker teleported into their base, etc. etc.

Well thats at least the only reason i can come up with for replacing walls in peoples base after raiding them :smiley:

Our 6 story house was raided the same way.

We just checked and only one wall was blown open into a room with nothing in it. Every door/wall is in tact but every crate in the house has been looted of everything important. There’s currently a hack out that lets people have ESP, aimbot, noclip, dupe items, and loot through walls.

So in essence there’s really no point to play until the Devs can get this shit fixed.

You’ve got to play with the mindset of “This is an Alpha”, not “This is a game”. You’re gonna have to restart. You’re gonna have to deal with wipes. It’s a survival game, you’re gonna have to deal with death.

Of course, that’s all well and good.

That’s not the point here though. The point here is that hackers are rampant right now. Aimbot, loot through walls, dupeing items, ESP, no-clip, anything you can think of really they’re able to do.

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Actually, that IS the point. Expecting an alpha to be anywhere near hacker-proof is absurd. Alphas are going to have bugs, exploits, hacks, wipes, crashes, and overall doom. Betas will have the same but at a hopefully lesser percentage. Gold(if we get to that*), will still have the same problems, yet again, just at a much, much lower occurrence level.

Hell, be HAPPY the hackers are showing themselves now. They can get VAC-banned, show where the exploits are, etc now instead of waiting until the game’s gotten to a point where fixing said issues may be more troublesome to fix than they would be now.

*Not saying the game won’t ever be good enough to be “gold” but unknown if Rust may end up in one being a game that does that whole, “perpetual beta,” thing.

Pretty sure if you just raided someone’s house, using 4 wood planks to build a wall probably isn’t exactly a huge resource drain. Maybe the guy chalks it up to hackers and restocks the same building since, according to him, nothing else has changed other than his stuff is gone. There are definitely applicable uses of this strategy, it just is not as black and white as you are making it sound.

Also, nice arbitrary shot at a country you aren’t a part of which has nothing to do with anything. Americans get a lot of crap but that comment is just as stupid (or worse) as most of the stuff Americans get crap for.

I won’t link it, but search “ArtificialAiming Rust” in Google and go see the features of the multihack they have out. They even have images/videos showcasing the loot through wall feature.

If you read their forum thread they know full well no one has been banned by VAC yet. The same thing happened to my massive base on NA 1 server. One wall blown open, yet EVERY CRATE on EVERY FLOOR was looted. They can even dupe massive amounts of C4 using the hack but they just chose to steal everything and leave.

there is a hack to loot through walls, dupe and has auto headshot. the link was posted on here and removed. Had screenshots and video.

There is also a super easy working dupe that has to be fixed. Expect a wipe very soon.

The fact that the people doing the duping are allowed to run rampant without punishment is a different story. Game is becoming known as a hackers paradise very quickly. If the banhammer doesn’t start swinging soon id be surprised if this game reaches release even as fun as it is.

Its so easy to find who is doing it im surprised at the lack of caring/action tbh.

there was a glitch there for awhile to where u could loot through walls.