Wipe Indication

Can we get some indication on whether the wipe will be happening very soon, if we are very near the limit, etc. I’m saying this because it was said that a wipe would happen every 48 hours and it’s been 60, so I haven’t been playing for the last 12 hours in an effort to preserve my items.

I think it’d be helpful if the devs could put an indicator in the HUD of how many objects are currently placed

thats a great idea!!

Well, people can’t connect anymore, so I assume that means a wipe is incoming.

By wipe is it a wipe of all the structures and boxes etc on the map? Or a total wipe, where we lose the blueprints we’ve learned and the items in our inventory etc

Only the map gets wiped, your inventory and learned blueprints stay.

I’m sure the wipe is soon, you can’t take out your weapons nor connect.

A.K.A. Entity limit reached.

Yeah this is why I logged on, I was going to make this thread.

It would be so helpful. Surviving in the alpha is better with the stuff I’ve managed to horde, but if I throw them in a box to go out adventuring, and then the wipe happens, I lose it all. I’ve been logging in and out just to see if my house is gone and I can continue on my way.

Server has been wiped, for all who want to know.