Wipe/List of Banned Hackers

So i know a wipe is coming very soon and with it i was just wondering if we could start a wall of shame like Darkfall and other games do: http://www.unholybanhammer.com/BH/

I think that would be cool to have the names of hackers caught and what they were caught for!!!

Yeah, I feel rust is really deserving of a wall of shame. People shouldn’t be hacking, and should the choose to and get caught, they should not only face the consequence, but face ridicule by everyone knowing that they cheated.

Yea i love that about darkfall i can look and say" Ahhhh i knew that guy was cheating awesome he is gone and lost all his stuff!" I want to eventually say that about this game haha

Cheaters are a disaster for the game but that is stupidity that serves no purpose…

Vac ban their Steam accounts to have done with these children.

The idea is that best case scenario it offers an even bigger incentive not to cheat, or your name will be permanently posted onto the website letting everyone know you cheated.

The steam id why not

It’s a bit pointless really.

It’s true they can ban your Steam ID, but everyone can change their in game name anyway, many (like myself) probably don’t use the same ingame name as Steam ID to start with.

You realize they VAC ban right

I just think its another incentive not to cheat especially if your in a clan haha!

Yes - but the name banned won’t necessarily be the ingame name - so no point to a public list really as far as I can see.

But they would still be banned, even if you didn’t know.

VAC is utter shit IMO.

The publish list could just show their banned name and a link to their Steam community profile and/or steamID.

Sure, let’s give hackers attention and fame by posting their names on a special list on the Internet. That’ll make them stop. That won’t backfire in any way possible.

Yea attention and fame…are you retarded its shaming them and they are losing their account and everyone they know will look at them differantly, there is no fame or attention just shame.

Shaming only works when the person being shamed feels bad for what they’ve done. And do you really think people will “look at them differently”? They’ll just make another Steam account and buy another copy of Rust and go back to their old tricks.

Facepunch has far more experience with banning people than you do.

Yea so they buy another copy so garry is making more money so GG you idiot.

If you think that the desired end goal for banning hackers is not to stop them from interfering with the game experience of others, but to sell more copies of Rust so garry makes more money, I look forward to seeing what other brilliant ideas you will no doubt share with us in more shitty threads like this one. :v:

VAC probably has one of the best detections I have seen in an anti hack. The only downfall to VAC is that it is never an instant ban. VAC bans can take between 1-2 weeks after they stealth update their detections and catch your system running a detected hack.

People say VAC is bad, but in all honesty they put up a great fight. The best part is you get your steam account in general banned from playing rust ever again. Most of the time people will just buy another copy and continue hacking.

Having an rpg element to the game obviously is looked down upon, but it would be nice to have for hackers sake. If you get banned on your “main”, there is literally not a single difference than the account you lost than the new account you just bought other than things you’ve researched which can literally take approx one day to find everything again with some friends help of a research kit.

The reason hackers are so relentless is because they literally lose nothing within the process of getting banned other than money which there are some people who don’t give af about the money lost. Welp got banned, buys another copy, back to hacking.

Was there a wipe yet?

I heard there was with the webplayer but we need a confirmation!