wipe now that dupe is fixed?

Is there going to be a wipe? Please do one since dupe was fixed

edit: Nvm lag switch dupe not fixed

their are two dupes only one has been fixed im guessing.


True, only one method has been fixed.

“fixed a duping exploit”

I just went in game and tried it -.-, it worked in the US server.

the split one?

I only tried the internet disconnect one and it worked.

I’d rather them take their time. They really need every community member that can exploit to report-in and give them the help they need.

They fixed the spliting dupe, but not the internet disconnect one.

oh ok 1 more to go then hopefully a wipe / reset for eu :slight_smile:

Well the Disconnect dupe is a harder dupe to fix. Then again it could be that they already fixed it and just havn’t updated/restarted/wiped the server yet or are just waiting for something else before they put it into the game

they could just make it so u get kicked from the game when u have no internet connection to it and that would fix n-stepping and the other dupe

True, although it would really ruin it for anyone actually disconnecting, and more players would have to logg on at the same time which in turn would put more pressure on the server .

I honestly don’t think they’ve found a fix for the disconnect dupe for the fact that n-step(which are related) haven’t been fixed even tho it has been an issue for a while now. I might be completely mistaken, but I think that right now they are working really hard to find the way to stop n-step with the other duping method all together and will not do do the server wipe until then. Therefore, the last update was to show us that they are indeed working on it, even tho the server wipe hasn’t happened yet, it is their top priority and they will fixe it. I recommend everyone to stop making threads about n-step/duping/server wipe, they are fully aware of the issue and working on it, I’d much rather see constructive threads about how to make this game better and such on other aspect then these 200000 copy-thread…

Nupe that disconnecting this is a hard thing to bust. I remember a full finished game I played before that peepl actually found out that you could disconnect in certain times to gain an advantage.

Ofc it is since several HUGE games like COD(which is a shitty game on my perspective) have been having lag switching issues forever, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t trying to fix it. There is actually a way to fix it which is to directly disconnect the player whenever the connection breaks down.(I’m not 100% sure if that’d work tho but in games like cs:go there isn’t any lag switch that I’m aware of). Anyway, even if they found the way to fix it, you have to understand that just recoding everything takes a huge amount of time. People that are whining about how long it takes are obviously people that have no knowledge in computer programming.

Whoa whoa you got me wrong. Ofc they are trying to fix it. I completely understand that these things take time and energy. I was simply explaining and pointing out how hard it is to fix =)
I work with computer programming myself .I don’t actually do the programming I just direct workflow and explain how I want it to my employees / colleges . The devs will always have my 100% complete understanding.

Sorry if you took me the wrong way mate!

I was actually agreeing with you that it was hard to fix it.