The official servers like the UK servers are EXTREMELY laggy because wherever u walk u can see 30+ fcking shelters
Please Rust Team!

Wipe the UK servers!

and for every1 that might ask: NO! my PC is not shit

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thats 1 of the many reasons why i stay away from official servers , that and the UK servers seem to be filled with nothing but Russians , why dont they just rename the UK servers to official Russians server

that way Russians dont keep joining English servers and dont even understanding what the words friendly PvE etc etc means

the 3 servers that i play on they are all uk English servers and yet Russians join left right and center and just bandit all the way , when really they are friendly servers

not to mention the HUGE ammount of hackers on officials

they arent meant to be played as usual, these are stresstests servers, if it lags too much for you leave them
you are “owning” yourself when you try to play on these servers seriously -.-

yea i have left them for quite some time now bcoz of hackers and lag

you do realize there are 3-4 UK servers right ? 2 of witch are only being stress tested

yeah i know but those are filled with hackers all the time, speed, aimbot and such, and whenever i wanna play with a few friends we cant cause the server only holds 128 players so those servers are really not an option

all “official” servers are stresstests servers

we all know that but from your post its making you sound like your saying there all being stress tested , they switch servers every week or so when testing servers it really depends but its not like there all being tested 24/7