Wipe on my Servers

Wanted to know how to make a Wipe on my server, Thanks !

First things first, you’ll want to shutdown your server, either by using the web panel provided by the game server host or via the actual server console by entering the command “quit”, do not do this via rcon as this will only shutdown the game.
After your server is shutdown, by default all the save files are saved under the main server directory /Save/undefined/, there will be another folder in there named “userdata” now depending on the type of wipe you would like to do is where the next part comes in;

  • If you would only like to wipe character items, position and BP's they have researched then just delete the "userdata" folder.
  • If you would only like to wipe the map object data (bases, wood shelters etc..) then delete the "rust_island_2013.sav" file and the other old.0, old.1 etc..
  • If you would like to wipe everything I bet you can figure out that all you have to do is delete everything in the /Save/undefined/ folder =)

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you, happy holidays