Wipe server

Which time is it happening and what is happening with my blueprints?

In 2-4 hours blueprints stays

What u mean?

Map wipe. Blueprints dont. it will happen in 2 or 4 hours


no blue print wipe but the official servers wipe the server the first Thursday of every month which is the 4th feb …tomorrow

Which time tomorrow

Tomorrow sorry xD Between 20:00 and 00:00

So is that 04/02/2016 from 8pm till end of the day EST time? Also where did u get this info from?

The wipes are always on the first Thursday of the month. There is no set time. It will happen sometime between midnight and midnight.

Are the unofficial servers forced to wipe every month too?

Stop spamming with topics about wipes. Remember: forced wipes are ALWAYS in first thursday of a month. Official servers are wiping in first thursday of a month. BPs wipes are every changes in blueprints system. Tommorow Facepunch Studio will make changes in bp system, so tommorow will be bp wipe.

I know but everyone keeps saying “Official Servers” … What about unofficial ones? Are they forced to wipe every month too?

Official and unofficial (moddded & community) will also be forced to wipe as the update will change the map procedural generation algorithm thus rendering any previous maps incompatible. This wipe occurs the first Thursday of every month, until the devs announce a change to this policy which has been in place for a year or more.

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True, there is no set time, but typically the update rolls out between 2 & 4 PM EST.

Okay thanks. I knew the Official servers were forced to wipe every month but I didn’t know if that included the unofficial ones every month too. Thanks

It’s around between 4:00 and 5:30 at the latest.

Exactly what change is being made to the bp system tomorrow? I have seen nothing about any change to the blueprint system, so unless you can provide a link or some proof, I call bullshit on that one. I doubt they would force a bp wipe 2 months in a row.

Where did you get this info?

Garry wrote that the new system maybe gonna be ready in 1 or 2 months.

It would make no sense to wipe bps now.

Damn, i made a shit storm. It’s only example with bp wipe.

Question: It appears every Thursday when there is a patch, clients can no longer connect to my server and I have to wipe to allow them to connect.

Is there something I’m missing? I would much rather wipe only once per month, but unsure how to do that and still allow players to connect.

Is there a source anyone can point me to?