Wipe time chart?

We all read the wipe will come to all official servers we play at milan with 20 people now we quit game cuz of wipe waiting for it to come again to start over but the wipe didnt come like now 5-6 days after the last update.There must be a chart or something which server will be wiped when I dont want to waste my time on a server that ll be wiped in 1 week or 2 days. Please some1 tell me where can we find a reliable source for this wipe information.

Official servers get wiped every first thursday of a month.

Where did you read that?
Wipes for official servers have been fixed as the first update of the month for a while now. The only major exceptions are when the entity limit is reached.


Garry informed me earlier they would not be releasing a big patch this week, instead, the next update will be 2 weeks from now (on June 4th). Expect a forced map wipe when that update hits.