Wipe today? Which time??

Hello all,

did someone know at which time the server get wiped today? (… and which timezone) :wink:


Around 8 PM GMT

Thanks! BP will be wiped too?


That actualy depends on server owner if he wipes BPs as well, but facepunch should not force it.

Facepunch won’t, so its entirely up to the server admins if they wipe them or not… but I see no real reason that they should have to.

is this 4 sure? hope so… but i worry alot bicuz i need2play ant Im afraid dat dis isnt tru.

Could you please make an effort to form your sentences with actual words? I really hate having to translate a post from punkshit to english so I can read it.

If you’re going to criticise, at least follow your own advice by using actual words, instead of ones such as ‘punkshit’ and remembering to capitalise your proper nouns: ‘English’.

I hate having to translate a post to English so I can read it.

Latest update is about an hour from… NOW.

I think you mean criticize. Get a fucking life.

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The British variant of, “criticize,” is, “criticise.”


You’re both being ridiculous.


Both are acceptable uses of the Queen’s English. Also remember that with advice if you aren’t willing to take it, don’t give it.

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My apologies for the derailment, it shall stop now.

See what you started DonRoxon…

Only one is the Queen’s English. The other is used by Americans that can’t spell proper.

pliz updait nows? srs i need2play asap mr. developer

Actual client update doesn’t happen until Monday, the stuff today is just a developer log showing what they worked on this week and what to expect when the client update hits later.

“Spell” is a verb, but “proper” is an adjective. You should use an adverb in this case, such as “properly.”

screw it, I’m going bed.

so is there a wipe tonight or not?

if not when?