wipe today?

sorry if this is the 1753159 about this topic

some people ingame (official server) wrote aboout a wipe today.

is this true? today wipe on official servers?

i thought it always happen at 1st of a month

I hope it’s today. But not sure.

This forum really needs to implement a search function, or at least a page that lists all the threads.

Try the “Search” option…?

you missed the sarcasm;)

Swing and a miss.

When’s the patch…

as a server manager it would be great to have an official notification (time of event) so we can plan for our updates and outages.

some games like WOW we know the time and date of the event so we can plan.

Would like to know an ETA from the devs about the patch. Never heard any ETA from them.

Looks like the wipe is after next weeks patch.

There’s more than that on my list, if I can squeeze it in — but right now the plan is to get these big issues fixed, and to turn Hapis into a monthly wiper after next week’s patch.

Looks like the wipe is NOW. my client updated and my server is telling me there is an update.

Update doesn’t automatically mean wipe, only wipes when the landscape is updated (normally first update of the month) or the server owner chooses to wipe.