Wipe tomorrow

Everybody is saying, that the Servers are going to get wiped tomorrow.
So i have some questions:

  1. How do people know this?
  2. Why is there not a single official information? I mean, a wipe is a pretty big deal. (If there is, i would like to know where to find this)
  3. When will the wipe exactly happen?

greets, theb4ng

It was announced previously. The first update (Thursday) of every month will come with a mandatory wipe.

And last week’s devblog specifically said that tomorrow’s update forces a wipe. The information is all there. You just have to read it.

During this alpha time, this is good. The servers I play on are saturated with huge monstrous bases stockpiled with resources. Given some more time, it would turn into a C4 destruct-o-fest, with scant resources around to re-build the scorched landscape.

Time to turn up the difficulty level on surviving, like introducing calamities like animal disease, tornadoes, earth quakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis for those unraidable water bases I love to craft. Perhaps we should all wear cowbells around our necks to alert the surroundings we are there. You know, “more cowbell”.

They have this website now called “Google”. It’s like one big site that tells you about all the other little sites. If you ask “Google” about Rust, it will tell you the following things:

There is a development blog here: http://playrust.com/

There is a community website here: http://www.rustafied.com/

There is a Twitter feed here: https://twitter.com/playrust

There is a Reddit page here: http://www.reddit.com/r/playrust/

There is a Trello board here: https://trello.com/playrust

@hillman - You forgot the mindmap http://mind42.com/mindmap/7abd1334-d170-42e7-b869-f74010b9b143 :stuck_out_tongue:

Garry has told us (about an hour ago) that there is either no, or only a partial, update tonight. This is because the terrain improvements were only merged last night, and there’s currently some issues which need fixing and they want more people to test them before they get pushed to live.

I suspect the Devblog will still go out, but the main part of the update which forces a wipe won’t be tonight.

Where did you read this?

If I host my own Server and I take the update, will that wipe my server? if not will everything still work OK or should I wipe my server as well?

omg i realy hope we dont wait one more day for update or wipe. I want fresh start :slight_smile:

Yes, this is a very big problem. Many frustrated players right now. Because of the wipe anouncement and admins started to screw things up (100,000 airdrops in 5 minutes), everyone wasting their precious stacks of C4… and of course, people stopped building new stuff.

For nothing because there is no update. There will be no wipe, at least for another week. People will abandon the game and play other games for that time period. This is very sad. I’m not angry because of a merging failure or a programming problem. shit happens but please, i’m totally against announcing forced server wipes in the future because it will stop anybody doing anything.

I think these players and admins need to re-evaluate what it means to play an alpha and revise their expectations downwards.

And on community-run servers, there are wipes whenever the server admin wants. If people wasted their C4 because they expected a wipe, and their admins spawned tons of ridiculous shit in for fun, then that server can wipe if it wants.

Every time there’s a wipe without warning, people bitch. Every time there’s a forecasted wipe, people bitch. What third option is there that will satisfy everyone?