Wipe with next update?


I want to know if all rust servers will be forced to wipe with the next update. (probably yes, I only want to be sure)

And if yes, I heard the update will come on 3. september, but at what time facepunch release the updates generaly? I live in Germany, my timezone is +2

Thanks and sorry for my bad grammar.

The 2nd part is also something that grinds my gears. Theres always a problem when it comes to standard time. Its 1:23 in Germany right now, so at which time will the update get rolled out in Germany?

Based on the update history I’ve seen it’ll probably roll out within a couple of hours either side of 9PM UTC+2.

This is a really super rough estimate.

In Germany the updates usually hit around 22:00 - 23:00 but sometimes it’s delayed.

Then there was a few weeks ago when the update rolled out around 11 AM Eastern. So yeah, USUALLY around 4pm - 6pm Eastern … but not always.

I came to check update time.
It is 6:35 PM wheres new patch ?
Any news on tweeeter fb or other ?

Rustafied.com has most of the changes as usual.

Wipe usually happen between 5 and 6 PM EST (ie: ~5 hours from now).