a Fresh Server Wiped Today. WIPED 3/12
100 Slot Server .
Hackers and Dupers will be Banned on Instant appear.
We Run off of HFB so there is no lag and it runs super smooth, We also have advanced DDOS Prot. so its ten times harder to DDOS.
2 Admins that have full control and have 300 - 800 + Hours that know what we are doing to make the game fun and enjoyable .
There is Zero Admin Abuse, it is not tolerated and any appearance of admin abuse will be taking care of.
Airdrops when there are 25 players in game so it makes it Fair and Even.
There is Oxmin and all those commands along with other cool stuff

To Connect

  1. Launch Rust
  2. Hit F1
  3. net.connect
  4. Have Fun


added /share
to help out so you don’t have to put codes on every door.

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