*Wiped 02/25* Chi-Town Sleepers PvP


Vanilla server
Sleepers ON
Unlocked Backpacks
Hourly Airdrops
Full Craft Time

Admins will never spawn items for themselves or others.
Admins will never tp themselves or others, kill yourself you silly sod!
Admins will never enable ‘god mode’ or any other BS

We are an older crowd that got tired of the nonsense that plagues Rust. Come join us if you are sick of it too. We won’t tolerate hacking so if you need an edge, look elsewhere.

Prime-time has about 20 players currently, we would like a few more fine folk to join us.

I am sort of the “Co-admin” on this server if you will, my steam id is the same as my name on here, so feel free to friend me if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for the server. Or if you just want to have one of the admins readily available to contact should you have any issues on the server (lag, server status, especially hacking). We are always open to suggestions from the players about ways to improve the server, and we’ll often poll the server to see if anyone wants any of the server settings changed (just went to vanilla craft from .25 yesterday at the request of the majority of our current players).

We’re currently floating around a 10-15 average population, with a peak of around 20-30, and we’d love to fill the server up more. So we welcome groups, lonewolves and newer players.

We’re all about a clean, challenging Rust experience on this server and will enforce that idea at all times. We will NEVER wipe the server unless an update forces it, or if a large majority of our players are asking for it. And we will always give constant notices when we are planning to wipe, so there will be absolutely no chance of signing on to see all of your work is suddenly and unexpectedly gone. So for anyone looking for a hacker-free, lag-free, consistent and responsibly ran server then look no further. Hope to see you guys around!

**EDIT - ** Forgot to say that the owner of the server is an actual network engineer IRL. Don’t know if any of you care about that, but I would if I was looking.