[Wiped 1/30] 1/2 Craft|Door Share|SLP|PVP|Economy|Kits|

**Frag Fest Gaming Rust Server
[Wiped 1/30] 1/2 Craft | Door Share | Sleepers | PVP | Economy | Kits |

IP: or net.connect rust.fragfestgaming.com:29015
Location: Dallas, Texas
Slots: 125
Sleepers: ON
No Admin Abuse <- Zero Tolerance
Airdrop: 10 Players

Server uses Oxide

Core Plugins:

  • Base Alarm
  • Basic Economy
  • Door Share (For people who don’t feel like setting a code for every door or have nothing to hide)
  • Kits (Only Starter)
  • Ping
  • Remover Tool (Good tool, and allows for a bit of creation… however base has to be connected to the ground in some way shape form or fashion)
  • Stats

Many more Plugins

If you need help Finding the server
Press F1 in game, and a console should appear
Type net.connect
net.connect rust.fragfestgaming.com:29015


  • When in game type /help for all Commands

  • If you need any help from admins type /adminhelp “message”

  • About the server: M4’s, Mp5, Weapon Mods, and Kevlar do not drop… they can be purchased through the econ mod… Explosive Charge Is Craft-able however Explosives are not, They do drop from Zombies and Airdrops, and can also be purchased from the econ mod…

With the Econ mod you gain 100 every ten minutes as long as your body is in the server. (This makes things easier on the passives)

We are always up for suggestions on the loot table and how to improve the experience for our community, Please feel free to join we are currently a smaller server but I am sure that will change here soon… Thanks to everyone who read this!!

Thanks again,

You can Also Add me on Steam “ISmackInfants”, For more information if needed thank you!

It’s a great server. No lag! The econ plugin is also really sweet.

1 of my favorite servers to play on, has awesome plugins installed. Could have asked for anything less when it comes to the admins on the server. There is no Admin Abuse and enough action for a Small Server, but im sure in due time it will become a decent populated server and thats when the real action will begin. You should really check it out, its so much Fun!!! See you all in game!!!