Wiped 15/3/2014 - No Military Weaponry or Kevlar|Home-made only|Sleepers|Fast crafting|PvP

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This is a server with home-made weapons and clothes only.

Rather than running around with Military grade weaponry the players on this server will be running around in cloth or leather clothes, firing home-made bow, shotguns, hand-cannons, pistols and if they’re lucky bolt-action rifles at one another. C4 will be rare and raiding will require crudely constructed grenades to compliment it.

If that interests you then please join and try it out.

Wiped 15/3/2014

-No Military Weapons
-No Kevlar
-Rare C4
-Airdrops with 5 or more players


Seems fun :slight_smile:

I think C4 might be a bit rare seeing as airdrops are broken and it’s very rare in loot drops.

If people get too safe and airdrops take too long to work automatically again I might tweak how often it drops in loot.

But for now I’m going to leave it and see what happens.

Hi hjjools

i played today for about 6 hours on hour server and i wound 1 MP5 and a shotgun in the crate.
You may wish to check your droplist since you write no militairy guns.

Ps. I just trow them away to stay with your rules

Droplist has been modified, and all references removed now. Previously I set them to min 0 max 0 but that seems not to work.

Thanks for handing the gun you found to me, I have destroyed it

OK, call me a NOOB!

I don’t see how I can find you server and join.
In RUST there is no place to type in your address.

Spent much time in server list trying to find it manually too.

So, any help would be greatly appreciated for the old NOOB.

In the main menu, press F1 and type: net.connect

Server is to much fun. PVP is sexy when it’s everything from Bow fights to handcannon/pipeshotgun wars.
Revolver & Bolt Action are my favorite combo though.

Raiding has (imo) finally found a great middle ground. - C4 being extremely rare forces you to use grenades. Making the Cost Vs Reward much more balanced.

Amazing server - Feels like what Rust should be.

Just needs more players :slight_smile:


daily bump


Got a growing number of regulars



decay disabled please test