WIPED 16.1.01 OXIDE- Sharing, Sleeper, PVP, Economy, Airdrops

We are trying the Economy plugin on a fully wiped server.

We also took most Blueprints out of the game, wich can only be purchased with the Economy plugin.
Also u can buy f.e. an M4 but u cant research it u only can craft it after buying the Blueprints (wich are not cheap)

We really want to know what people think of this, imo it gives a unique experience of having to farm and really try to survive, cause dieng now with full kevlar is going to be Very Expensive

Active admins, no admin abuse
TPA (2 teleports/reset)
Economy 50 started - 5 for each zombie
Door Sharing
Airdrops 20+ (wont do it in first few days since its a wipe)