Wiped 2/22 (Oxide) PVP/Starter/HalfCraft/Mature Admins

Found a new server to play on. Friendly admin that communicates well and has been on quite a while with many hours in Rust.

Do your own thing or bring a clan. Make enemies and make friends! Anything legitimate goes here! Good luck on your journeys in Rust.

Max 150
Air Drops @ 20

See you in game!

Bump!! Great place to meet new friends or enemys!

Solid server, no lag… BUMP

Great Admin and stable server. Been on the server a few days and its pretty awesome. I haven’t found a server with a great Admin like this in awhile. The only thing missing is more people.

Current Server Mod’s

Oxide,1/2 Craft,FPS Boost,Stats,Starter Kits,Group’s.

Also PVP Events in the works Arena Style last man standing win prizes and be Crowned the Champion!