Wiped 2/24/2014 @ 6PMCST :: 250 Slot [CENTRAL] Vanilla Rust w/ DDOS Protection


We’ve set out and intended to replicate the experience you’d see on the official servers but with a tiny bit of admin influence to handle cases of blatant hacking or exploiting so that you can enjoy rust how it’s meant to be played; brutal and unforgiving.

Our admins do not play on the server but are available almost 24/7 to handle escalated situations that require immediate attention.
Otherwise, you’ll never see or hear from them outside of ban announcements from the server console.

From the console (f1) type:

+1 for this server, its a dedicated server with ddos protection running on a better box than the official servers, not much more that you can ask for.

This is going to be big.

We need more good players++

I told you. Get death spam.

No to death spam, stay true to Vanilla Rust – Official servers are overridden with crap/hackers/ddos’d this server is the answer. IMO

Rust++ has some issues that I’m not comfortable with at the moment (including causing users to be unable to reconnect to the server).

I’m working on seeing if there is a way to get death spam outside of it.

nice server so far

We’re hitting around 20 users and looking for some more.

We had some good growth on the first day, looking for more!

love the fact that admins don’t play on the server if its true. Ill try it out.

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how do you have ddos protection other servers don’t?

I just started on the server and its been awesome so far. Doesn’t seem to have too powerful of groups and have yet to run in to anyone w guns. Seems really balanced

You need to update…

Looks like he just did! The new sky is awesome lol…

Yea this server is pretty great, we need more competition please :stuck_out_tongue: atleast give it a try and if you like it invite your friends

Might want to get started here before the weekend if you are interested, I know at least 1 streamer who will be streaming here this weekend :wink: