[Wiped 2-26!!] Sociology 101 - The Meat Grinder (A Social Experiment ;P)

Server just wiped 2-26!

Noob friendly, airdrops, sleepers, PvP and gang wars the plenty! Gangs are too preoccupied fighting each other to bother with naked guys smacking rocks! :smiley:

Fair, Active Admins! Absolutely, 100% NO admin abuse, and absolutely NO cheating. CheatPunch/VAC Enabled, plus watchful admins. Airdrops set on balanced timer (Broken w/ update, WILL be fixed.)

Server recently featured in the Tuna Bandits series!


See you in the grinder. :wink:

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Love this server. I’ve spent almost all of my 50 Rust hours here and had a lot of fun. Good mix of friendlies and KOS. I like to play mostly out of the way, and it’s the right population for achieving that, but everyone I’ve chatted up (even KOSers) are pretty friendly and fun.

The number one thing I like about the server though is admin presence. They’re fun, fair, and keep a clean house. You always have jerks online that like to spew hate language just for immature kicks and I’ve been very pleased that the admins are always quick to intervene on stuff of that nature.

Cool server!

Great server just watch out for the Tuna Bandits, especially if you don’t have any Tuna.