WIPED 5/10-NoDura/NoPermaGrief/Website at diggyfriends.webs.com!

Quick info grab:
Server features:
No durability, but otherwise vanilla
An email to contact admins when none are on (diggyrust@gmail.com)
Permagriefing is a BANNABLE offense!

Come try us out!

All information for the server can be found at diggyfriends.webs.com

A copypasta from that website:

Current name of the server: WIPED 5/10-NoDura/NoPermaGrief/Website at diggyfriends.webs.com!

Our IP: (use the command net.connect <> in the console to connect to our server)

We support the Rust online community. We recognize the two biggest threats to Rust fun (hackers and admin abuse) and strive to eliminate them from our server.

We have a teamspeak! Somewhat dead but feel free to use it.
Teamspeak 3 IP: voice.gameservers.com:9380

Server features:

  • Active, friendly admins

  • No durability

Server Rules: email diggyrust@gmail.com to report rule breakers. Please try to provide evidence.

Admins will randomly teleport to players to check on things. If you see a floating name, feel free to say hi on voice chat ;).

  1. Obviously, no hacking or glitching. We are well aware of current hacks and glitches and are actively keeping our eyes open. That being said, we appreciate our players and the time they are putting in to play on our server, and will NEVER ban without substantial evidence. We constantly make efforts to catch hackers and glitchers ourselves, but we won’t catch them all. See the reporting section below for information on how to correctly report rule breakers and get them off our server.

  2. Please avoid causing lag on our server. We will not list the ways this can be done. If we notice you causing lag, you will be given a friendly warning and, if necessary, an admin will help you eliminate the source of the lag (removing offending structures, etc).

  3. Avoid advertising of any kind, thank you.

  4. NO PERMAGRIEFING! This means placing structures on or in someone else’s structure in order to render it unusable. You will be banned for this quickly.

  5. Have fun!

To report hackers, griefers and glitchers:
Take a video! Pictures will not suffice in most situations. It must also be clear who the player is. Please send video files to our admin email: diggyrust@gmail.com.

Bumbs, got lots of actives on right now.