-- Wiped 5-7 :: EXILED :: Admin/Noob Friendly/Vanilla/PvP

**Friendly Competitive : **This is a community - raiding server - fun for ALL!


**Active Admins are here so you have a fun and fair gaming experience. Join our server today.

Teams are welcome and we will help solo players match up with new friends and teammates to enjoy the game.

New players are encouraged to join as a great place to learn the game and become a RUST pro!

Events to Test your Skill - Archery - PvP - Capture - And more!!

See you soon - have fun going after those airdrops…we hope to post video soon of the awesome gunfights!!

Good Luck!!**

(User was banned for this post ("Make one thread ONLY for your server, not two. Use the original thread when you get unbanned." - postal))