Wiped 8/18 Rusty Rocket | No Lag | Noob Friendly | Teleport Request | /Remove | No Dura | Airdrops 15+

Helpful Community
Dedicated Chicago based server runs 24 hours a day
Website and mumble, No starter kits
/Remove and /tpa are enabled for beginners
No durability and Half Nights
Server admins only regulate the server, never play so there’s no room for abuse


*Edit: To clear up confusion, this is not my server, i do not own it, nor do i have administrative privilege over it. I just really like this server

Website is completely outdated supposly, it says on it that you get a starter kit and a few other things.

I join, and am instantly berated for asking how to get the starter kit, I have the owner personally tell me I’m an idiot because I tried to get the starter kit, I link him to his own fucking website and his reply is “oh i forgot i had this havent updated in a month lmfaolaoalaolol” at this point I was going to leave as he is too stupid to maintain a server, but just b4 I did i killed a player with a rock, and the admin asked this player “want me to TP to him and kill him?”

I left after he said this, clearly admin abused server.

First of all, and for the last time, i’m not an admin, or an owner, i just like the server i play on. We went over this when you were on the server.

Second we tried to help you and you killed him, then started spoutin off about false advertisement cause you can’t get a bow and arrow by yourself let alone hold a general conversation with a person. Then you stayed around threatening to grief everyone and spammed chat for 3 hours about how you play CSGO professionally lol.

Third, you have never played any game professionally, let that go now.

4th Get a life kid, and don’t go around lying to get peoples attention. Don’t forget to come back though, hope you don’t give up so easily :slight_smile: