Wiped 8/7 Rustic Kingdom Vanilla/Lightly Modded No Durability/Instacraft

Hey everyone,

The reason for this server is that I love playing vanilla rust, but a completely unmodded server makes it impossible for admins to investigate and ban cheaters.

Therefore I have started a server that is Vanilla (Except for No durability and instacraft) with the only mods being those that help Admins catch cheaters.

Vanilla Servers are probably the most challenging. It makes it harder to raid, defend, build up, etc. It also eliminates the possibility of people glitching into your house using teleports.

So come on over and check out the server, the admins are active, helpful, and are on everyday!


Server was great, then I killed a player and the admin flipped on me and banned me. Tried to add him and apologize, no response. Awful server, was going to bring my group too it and would have it full in a matter of hours, Do NOT reccomend it. Unless you enjoy that PVE kinda thing.

Edit: He unbanned me, deleted all my gear + house and said “consider it a contribuition to MY server that you’ll behave :)” Said some nice words to him again and left. He is possibly the worst kind of person to host a server, I’m sorry I gave your server a chance :slight_smile:

Actually, a player killed you and you ran around crying hacker. You were banned for being an immature player and harassing people on the server.

One of our rules is to be a mature player, if you can not do that one simple task then we will show you the door.

I realized I made a mistake, I even apologized when really I shoulden’t have, and you delete all my stuff and say shit like that, your server isen’t going anywhere with a fool like you as an owner lol…

I enjoyed playing on the server until the point that I was banned by Jasper (Admin) for raiding one of his friends, at no point during this raid was I immature.