[WIPED January 28, 2014] US East -- TBG Rust (Sleepers, PvP, No Abuse/hacking, No Craftable C4)

Hi there! We just wiped our server and we’re hoping to get more players to join us in our survival hell. Some details:

• Server name: [USEast PvP] Rust TBG (Wiped1/28|Sleepers|NoCraftableC4)
• No craftable C4 (but you can find it still on zombies/containers/airdrops)
• Sleepers are a thing
• PvP is a thing
• No rules regarding shit-talking or flaming except in the most extreme cases (you will get a couple warnings if it gets too extreme)
• Active mods/admins to ensure no hacking
• Mods/admins are constantly watching eachother to be sure there is no abuse
• It’s being wiped as I write this post
• Crafting time is 50% of what vanilla is
• Some minor drop table changes have been made to make C4 rarer and more valuable

To connect, start up Rust, and hit F1 to go to the console. Once there, type net.connect

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to your arrival!

I’ll check it out later, but how is c4 not craftable?