Wiped Today (01/03)| Active Admins | CheatPunch | Frequent AirDrops | PVP | Sleeper | Rust Essentials

Brand New Server, Cleanly Wiped as of today (01/03/14) 1st of March.

Admins are very active, and only a Steam Message away if offline,
all spawning privileges are taken away. (No Admin Abuse)
TP’s will be given on a one off to meet with friends if you can’t find each other.

Decay is off.

Durabillity is quartered, gun and armor will last a lot longer.

Airdrops at 1 player, every 4-5 hours.

Noobs and Beginners are welcome with open arms.

KOS and ROS is allowed.

[Kill on Sight] and [Raid on Sight]

You are welcome to suggest things to do/add to the server.

Changes we’re thinking of:

-Mass Airdrop
-Loot Events
-More Frequent Airdrops
-Starting with weapons

If enough people want any of these things, or other things added, we will do so.

Looking for a couple moderators, PM me if you are interested.

Need to contact me/the server?

Email - SirPatchington@gmail.com
Steam - SirPatchington http://steamcommunity.com/id/SirPatchington/
Reddit - /u/SirPatchington

Okay, now all of thats out of the way, here’s how to join!

On the Rust main menu, push F1. This should open the console.
Now inside the console you either have to type the following or copy and paste:


Now you should be in the server!
Use /help for help with commands, /kit starter for your starter kit or ask for help in the chat!

Hope you decide to join, thanks!

If you are looking for 14 yo Admins/Mods who Bully you right away and make up shit this Server is for you.