Wipeout Fusion/HD/HD Fury Skins

I would like to suggest a model pack all teams of 2 extremely notable Wipeout games, Wipeout Fusion and Wipeout HD fury and it’s expansion pack, HD fury
here are some wipeout fusion videos to get a(not very realistic) perspective of the “ships”

Wipeout HD samples provided too (rather good showcase too)

as a last request, this is optional but it could also help if they were actual vehicles (off the ground, move without need of thrusters or anything etc…)

reply if such a project exists (Dont reference F-Zero)


(User was banned for this post ("Meme reply" - postal))

Or, it could mean that people are too busy to take up the request, they are trying to do something with your request, or it’s not possible and they aren’t posting to say so.

just noticing big lack of activity here