WipEout HD models

Yeah. these, basically. Multiple skins with bodygroups could be nice.

'Sabout it.

Thanks if you do this :3:

Bump :frown:

Pictures bro.

Provide more detail, and pics.

I have no idea what you mean either, which models? Be more specific.


Getting pics in a sec

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To name a few.

What is this, some kinda lame F-Zero clone?

I bet you haven’t heard the game.

I’m quite sure games can’t be heard, but played.

Not really no.
Then again I assume you’re a “nintendo man”, so it’s possible you’ve never heard of it.
It’s a series first released on ps1 a long time ago.

Lame? LAME?

Come the fuck on.

And Wipeout is an F-zero clone like System shock is a Marathon clone…
wait… Like Unreal is a Super Mario Bros clone.


Wheres that get out 3 gif when you need it!

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wait, the images I posted are from wipeout pulse…


I’m not sure it’s possible to port from a PSP game.

HD is PS3.

I don’t think so that will be easy.