WipEout Pulse's Feisar

This is a project I started a few months ago but after getting about 3/4 of the way through I’d lost enthusiasm for and moved onto other projects. It’s about 270 props, the E2 used to drive it is relatively rushed, and although it approximates wipEout handling quite well (Airbreaks, sideshift, pitch, etc) it has a few glitches. I’d hoped to add holographic airbreaks to the black indents on either side of the engines, proper engine effects and a veriety of weapons and shield energy to allow recreate the experience in the actual games. I’d also hoped to add more detail to the outside as the current flat texture is very boring, but alas. If anyone’s interested in continuing work on it might release a dupe.

Xfire video:





Here’s the actual ship in the game for reference:


If you’re curious here’s a prview of another project I’m working on, if you frequent the wiremod forums you probably already know what it is:

Nice looking, way too many props though.

Cant have too many props, as long as parent was used liberally

Too many props can still be laggy, even with parenting.
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Hey technicolour, are you at Nodex? i can tell by stefanC there.

Too many props wont place lag on servers, only graphical lag on indeviduals. Its welds that do it. Thus you should paste without constraints before parenting

that is fucking awesome. and no, the more props something has, even when parented, will lag more than something with less. To lessen this, right click nocollide all parented props or the hulls with fuck with eachother and won’t sleep.

make it look more like a badass metal jet flight thingie and not a giant plastic toy and it’ll be awesome


We’re talkin like >500 props though, before anything is preticularly noticable, provided you’ve been practicing proper parenting technqiues, as amplar described. (and parenting to wire chips)

I would estimate that beast at 300 props.

oh wait, you said it was 270, rates self bad reading Anyway, 270 really isnt that bad. I’ve had a 350 prop copter put very little strain on my server. As long as its done right, parented props have an extremely minimal impact.

With over 200 props, most people get reliable snapshot overflow.

That they do. I use my airship to keep unwanted people from joining my server instead of a password. Easier to turn on and off.

It all depends on the map.